About worship team

Let us meet and give glory to the most high
Mathew 18: 20 “For where two or three have gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst”. As you go through this website we hope that it will assist you to find what you’re seeking. Worship Team Sync is a group of individuals who have taken their own initiative in order to ensure that they can spread the word of God through different dimensions. Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, google plus, and skype are some of the measures that we use in the ministry.
The bible has over 34 verses that urges the protection of creation, adaptation of technology or paperless mode of creation is a ministry that we are highly urging others to follow in order to protect our trees. Through social media we can easily send out songs to our members, which helps each one of us to have a schedule which they post back to the website. With such an order such an order we have flexible time frames that every member is aware of and we can meet to worship. Our songs are easily available since all the posted so.
We welcome you to Worship Team Sync where you will find all the tools that you need, find a schedule of the services, without much struggle. If there is an anything that you fill you require more on the website or apps then please feel free to contact us.
Our Missions Statement - We believe that Gods kingdom shouldn’t be abused for money, we are not here to count pennies and the funds we get go directly to managing and improving Worship Team Sync & to Missions!